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Seeder for Craft 3

Placeholder content made easy

Seeder is the easiest way to quickly create placeholder content while you're building out a website. Create your sections & fields and then let Seeder make entries for you.

Command line interface

Generating entries with Seeder is done through CLI commands. There are commands available for:

  • Entries
  • Categories
  • Users

And on entries, the plugin supports all Craft core field types, including all core fields in a Matrix field. Additionally there is also support for these plugin fields:

  • Redactor
  • CDEditor
  • Supertable

Full documentation and commands are available here

Cleaning up

When you're done building out the site, you're ready to hand it off to the client, Seeder makes it easy to remove all your dumpy data.

This can be done through a CLI command (which removes all dummy data) or from the control panel, where you have the option to select which elements to remove.

Free, forever.

Seeder is available for free in the Craft plugin store or on its Github page.

If you really like the plugin, you can donate to it's further development on beerpay.io