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Craft CMS, custom development & consulting

About Jan

I'm an experienced web developer focussing on Craft CMS. I have 10+ years of experience building client websites, commercial and custom plugins and third-party integrations.

I like to help other freelancers and agencies take their Craft projects to the next level. Sounds good? Reach out! Looking forward to working with you!

How can I help?

Custom development

I have 10+ years of writing PHP code and analysing what needs to be built to best suit the goal we're trying to reach. 

Wether it's a brand new project, a new feature or something that needs to be fixed ASAP and you need someone to get you out of a sticky situation, I'm happy to help.

Code review

 Wether you're working by yourself and would like to have a second pair of eyes on your code, or you want to get an external perspective on the code your team wrote, code review are great way to double your work.


Technology assessment

Web technology is changing ever quicker these days and it can be daunting to pick the stack you want to use. 

Together we'll look at the requirements of your company or products, where you want to grow and what would suit your team best.

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